MAY 16, 2023

All new payment milestones for describing your expected payment structure. New-look timeline, with phase start dependencies and increased phase limit. Export deal hierarchy in Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


This release introduces dynamic payment milestones that update automatically based on the project duration and value.

The new-look deal timeline supports parallel phases and scheduling dependencies including fixed start dates or phase offsets. You can also add more phases to a deal (increased phase limit from 5 to 10 per deal).

It also adds options for exporting the deal hierarchy (phase > feature > task) as a multi-level numbered list using standard Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Payment milestones

You can now use payment milestones to describe your expected payment structure

Like everything in Estii, dynamic milestones automatically adjust to changes to your deal price and duration, and are exported as beautiful waterfall charts within proposals.

Milestone presets

Choose from a range of preset payment structures (such as equal split progress/payment) or create custom milestones with fixed/ progress dates, and fixed / percentage values.

Edit milestones

Edit the name, description, date and price for each milestones (as either fixed values or percentage of deal value/progress.

localhost_3000_estii_deals_iRi5Jpwl(1280 x 720) (12).png

Milestone overview

A summary of the active milestones appears on the deal overview page as a waterfall chart

Milestone overview template

The milestone chart is also automatically added to the proposal overview

localhost_3000_samples_deals_cupcake_view(1280 x 720) (1).png

localhost_3000_samples_deals_cupcake_view(1280 x 720).png

Milestone detail template

The Payment milestone appendix includes a more detailed list view with milestone descriptions, as well as additional payment terms

New look timeline view