Jan 25, 2023

Client mode for protecting sensitive data. Variables for estimating scale over time. Import roles from any spreadsheet format. Schedule breakdowns for more clarity around delivery, plus more!

Welcome to Estii’s first product update of the year! We're thrilled to share some new features and enhancements to help you estimate and present deals more quickly and effectively.

Client mode

Collaborate with clients and external stakeholders without revealing sensitive data such as margins, target prices, and warnings. Just enable Client Mode from the deal header and proceed with updating the deal as usual.


<aside> 👉 For more information, see Deals



Estimate recurring services that scale month-over-month based on a range of values or predicted growth rate, such as:


<aside> 👉 For more information, see Variable units


New role importer

The all-new role importer makes it easy to keep your roles and rate cards up to date. It can upload any spreadsheet or CSV format, and includes automatic field detection, inline validation and inline data preview.


<aside> 👉 For more information, see Importing roles and rate cards


Schedule breakdowns